Kiosk Order Cards

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Kiosk Order Cards


Give your guests a personalized message at each location. Here is how to update the order cards to let guests know the status of their order if they are using Rich Checkout.


Step 1: 

Go to FB Locations and locate the Location you wish to update. Once located select the Service Type.


Step 2: 

Once the Service Type has been selected you will be brought to the Service Type Settings. Select MENU (as shown below) once selected, on the drop down, select POS.


Step 3: 

Once you have verified you are updating the correct menu settings (Drop down box shows POS and you have selected Menu), select SETTINGS.


Step 4: 

The settings options will populate below, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see ORDER CARDS


Step 5: 

The most common Order Cards that customers see are outlined below. You can update the Display name, description and instructions below. We advise the Description and Instructions match. Please limit your message to less than 150 characters.


Queued Concessions Card (corresponds to the “Placed” tab on Xpedite):



Queued Concessions Order Example:


Processing Order Card (corresponds to the “Ready for Pickup” tab on Xpedite)


Bumped Order Card (corresponds to the “Ready for Pickup” tab on Xpedite):

**You will need to change the BUMPED text to say ready otherwise the Order will say BUMPED.


Bumped or “Ready” Example:



Completed Order Card (corresponds to the “Closed” tab on Xpedite):

Completed Example:

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