Creating a POS Menu

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Creating a POS Menu


This document will detail the process to setup and configure a POS Menu


Step 1:

Begin by navigating to F&B → Location Management




Step 2:

Choose + ADD NEW LOCATION located at the top RIGHT hand side of the page.

 ** IF you are duplicating an Existing Menu Please follow the steps outlined here: Duplicating Existing Menus for New Service Types. Then Skip to Step 4 once completed.


Step 3a:

Enter the Location Details, an * indicates required information.

Name*: Enter the location name

Product Type*: Choose product type, Food or Merchandise

Local Time*: Choose the time zone

Business End Time*: Choose the time business ends for day


Step 3b:

Enter the Location Identification information (you will see this below the Location Details Section)

External Ref ID - This is used to put your stand reporting ID

**If you are Using SHIFT4 Payment Processing please email to get your MERCHANT TOKEN added BEFORE going live. You will see errors with payment processing if this step is not taken


Select Create Location at the top right of the page when finished


Step 4:

The new menu is now visible in the F&B Locations list

Select the Service Type menu


Make sure the correct service type is selected in the drop down menu. It is important to have the correct service type selected before making any changes to the settings.




Make sure the POS menu settings are correct after selecting the correct service type in drop-down by going to Menus → Settings


Scroll up to POS/Xpedite and expand the settings for POS/Xpedite, locate Skip POS Submission and confirm it shows Yes.


Locate Skip POS Submission State and confirm it shows completed (must be exactly as shown below, with first letter being lower case with no added spaces or indentations).

**If you are planning on using Xpedite to fulfill orders (i.e. order is placed, goes to the Xpedite tablet and the stand fills the order) adjust this to read "processing"


** If this is a Shift4 POS menu, you must select the "POS Token Payment Type" and the "POS Credit Payment Type"

Navigate to the PAYMENTS section within the POS menu settings. Select Shift4 for both "POS Token Payment Type" and the "POS Credit Payment Type". 


*** NOTE - If this is a FreedomPay location, DO NOT select FreedomPay in the dropdowns. This is reserved for future enhancements.



Scroll back to the top of the page and click UPDATE at the upper right corner to save the changes


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