Creating a Beverage Delivery Location In Canopy

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This article will outline creating a Beverage Delivery location in Canopy


Step 1:

Begin by navigating to F&BLocation Management



Then choose + ADD NEW LOCATION


Step 2:

Enter the Location Details, an * indicates required information.

Name*: Enter the location name

Product Type*: Choose product type, Food


Local Time*: Choose the time zone

Business End Time*: Choose the time business ends for day

Initial Location Menus: In- Seat Delivery


Step 3:

Enter the Location Identification information

External Ref ID

Merchant Account ID

Apple Pay Merchant ID

Android Pay Merchant ID


Step 4:

Click Create Location at the top right of the page when finished

The location will now show in Locations


Step 5:

From here select the SERVICE TYPE > IN-SEAT DELIVERY


Step 6:

Updating settings for the ENTIRE location. Select the Settings tab at the top of the page, as show below. The settings options will populate below.





To set up an In-Seat Delivery Menu you will need to update/verify the following settings; Skip POS Submission and Auto Processing Xpedite Orders.


Step 8: 

This is where you will update the POS/Xpedite Settings. For orders to go to the BEING PREPARED tab you will want the SKIP POS SUBMISSION STATE (See below) to be "processing" -note: make sure there are no added spaces or indentations when typing "processing". Do not capitalize the first letter it should look like the below image





Scroll down to STAND MENUS, from here you want to verify that the Delivery Orders Usage type shows "delivery" instead of "pick up." If you are not being prompted to pick a seat or see PICKUP/PICKUP  on OrderNext instead of PICKUP/DELIVERY, this setting has likely not been updated. 

Once in Stand Menus scroll to Delivery Orders Usage Type you will need to update the below fields from "pickup" to "delivery"





Step 10:

Scroll to the top of the page and select mceclip11.png to save changes.


Step 11: 

Once the menu has been created map all items that belong in the menu by following the steps outline in this article: How to Use Existing Items in New Location Menus

If you are creating items from scratch, follow the steps outlined in this article: Global F&B Items


Step 12:

The final step to set up a Beverage Delivery Me location in Canopy is creating your seat manifest. This will need to be created by following the format of the Sample Manifest attached to this article. 

Once completed follow the steps outlined in these article to upload the manifest: Uploading a Seat Manifest

Once uploaded follow the steps here to map the aisles to the location: Location to Aisle Mapping


You can also email to help with getting this added






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