How to Manually Close an Open Order In Canopy

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This document will cover the process to manually close open orders


Step 1:

Begin by navigating to F&BOrders



Step 2:

Filter by Order State to isolate the order types you wish to locate, in this example the order state filter is set to Processing



Step 3:

Find the order in the list, then click DETAILS



Now scroll to the dropdown menu in the Order State History section


Step 4:

Choose Completed to close and collect payment


Other states that you can adjust to:

*Some states on this drop down list will not work as expected if you feel you need to move an order to a state that is NOT outlined on this Doc please email PRIOR to making any changes.

  • Cancelled - Cancels order and authorization on customer card (irreversible)
  • Ready - Tells customer order is ready WILL NOT send order to settlement
  • Completion_Pending - State that a FULL SERVICE POS order needs to be in to Batch. This will not close an order the day after an event, you will need to move orders to COMPLETED if being adjusted the next day


Step 5:

To finish and save changes click UPDATE you should see a green SUCCESS message appear on the order screen. If you get a RED error please email 


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