How to Add Multiple Tax Rates on Items

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How to Add Multiple Tax Rates on Items

If you have more than one tax rate for each item (i.e. Food is 6.5% and Alcohol is 10%) here are the tips to apply tax to them.

Step 1:

From the drop down menu select  VENUE SETTINGS  this will help you access the location you are looking to adjust the tax in




Step 2:

Scroll down until you see the section. This will be where you will adjust the Tax Settings. You will want to turn Tax rate on items to YES to set up multiple tax rates as show below and turn  Tax By Item to YES as well. 

How to Add Tax & Set Up Tax Rates for a Specific Location

Step 3:

Once you have made these changes, select

Step 4:

Once completed go to GLOBAL ITEMS to view ALL menu items for your organization


Step 5:

To add multiple tax rates on items, you will need to input the rate in DECIMAL format as show below.  ALL items will need tax added for tax to be collected. If an item is left blank it will not have the proper tax applied. Make sure to select to save changes prior to moving on to the next page.


Step 6:

Tax will NOT be applied to items, until you enable ADD-ON TAX in the Location Menu. To action this go to F&B --> Locations-->MENU that needs tax applied. 



Step 7: 

Once you are in the menu, check the ADD-ON tax box next to each menu item to collect ADD-ON tax. **If a box is left unchecked tax will NOT be applied.


The box will have a check mark if it is selected, this means that you are now ADDING TAX to that item. IF you want to remove the tax for that item simply click on the box and remove the check mark. Once completed select Update Menu Items


Key Tip to Identify if Tax is Being Properly Added:

If you do a test order, before checkout take a look at your your tax line at check out;

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