Creating a POS Menu

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Creating a POS Menu


This document will detail the process to setup and configure a POS Menu



Step 1:


Navigate to F&B → Location Management




Step 2 :


Choose the location to add the menu to




Step 3:





Enter the Menu Details, an * indicates required information.




Step 4:


Choose the Service Type, enter Name, Display Name and External Ref ID




Step 5:


If this is an additional menu at a location, i.e. In-Seat Delivery the menu items can be copied directly by choosing the menu to copy from in the drop down box.






Step 6:


The Short Description, Long Description and Order Class information can be entered. When all fields are completed choose CREATE LOCATION MENU



Step 7:


The new menu is now visible in the F&B Locations list




Step 8:


Select the Service Type menu




Step 9:

Make sure the correct service type is selected in the drop down menu. It is important to have the correct service type selected before making any changes to the settings.




Step : 10


Make sure the Express menu settings are correct after selecting the correct service type in drop-down by going to Menus → Settings



Step 11:


Scroll down to Stand Menus and expand the settings for Stand Menus. Locate Concessions Orders Usage Type & Concessions Menus Usage Type and make sure they are both set to pickup





Step 12: 


Scroll up to POS/Xpedite and expand the settings for POS/Xpedite, locate Skip POS Submission and confirm it shows Yes.




Step 13:


Locate Skip POS Submission State and confirm it shows completed




Step 14:


Scroll back to the top of the page and click UPDATE at the upper right corner to save the changes
















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