Merchandise Orders

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Merchandise Orders

This article will walk through the steps of locating a merchandise order and understanding the elements of a merchandise order in Canopy


Step 1:

Select  Merchandise → Orders



See the list of orders

  • Recent orders are at the top
  • 25 orders will show per page
  • Authorization timing depends solely on the customer’s bank but usually falls off after 24hrs and cannot be re-authorized after that time has passed
  • If the employee only has access to a certain location, they will only see orders from that location
  • Each night it is good practice to make sure there are no open orders (processing or bumped) left

Step 2:

Search for an order. Can be done by (Email, Name, Credit Card (last 4), Check Number, and date range)


Step 3:

Filter by order states (select multiple order states in the pull down)



Step 4

View the details of the order to the right when an order is selected.Select an order by clicking anywhere in the highlighted area. To see the full order details and to refund an order, click the orange DETAILS link.



Step 5:

View Full Order Details






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