Item Modifiers

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Item Modifiers


This document will cover Item Modifiers and how you can easily add modifiers and create new categories.


Step 1

Log into your Canopy account and navigate to Global F&B Items

Step 2


Step 3

Select Edit Modifiers to edit the modifier list.


Step 5

Select the modifier group you would like to use. You can use as many modifier groups you want just remember that they are prompts for users so depending on your company’s performance targets you want to take that into consideration when creating these modifiers.

Step 6

Select EDIT MODIFIER SETTINGS or click on a modifier to view the group



Step 7

You can assign items to be defaults or featured if you have a specialty item that requires selection

Step 8

Click BACK TO MODIFIER CATEGORY MANAGEMENT to add a new modifier category


Step 9

You can assign items into the new category


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