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Below will outline the app development process and define what we will need from you along the way. 

Step 1: App Developer Account Confirmation - You will need to create an Apple Store and Google Play Store Developer Accounts. More details on how to create these accounts will be sent in a subsequent email. 

Step 2: Submit App Assets - These assets include your logo, brand colors and other elements to create your app. 

Step 3: Ticketing Access - In this step we will need access to your tickets for testing. You will receive a separate email asking you to reply back, granting VenueNext permission to access your tickets.


Step 4: Provide Metadata - Metadata is the other information about your company that will be the first thing a user sees on your product page when searching for your app in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Step 5: Begin Test Flight - At this point, your app will be created and you will be notified that your app is ready for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with instructions on how to do so. 


Step 6: Setup Flamelink - This will be the time to begin setting up the content within the app, using Flamelink, the tool to personalize your app with your offerings. 

Step 7: Apple & Google Play Store Images- Now that you have created content within the app. Please provide screenshots to display in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Step 8: Submit UAT Document - Now that you have tested the app in the User Acceptance Testing, this is the time to provide any feedback on your app before it is ready for release.


Step 9: Marketing - Once your app has been released to the app store and users have begun downloading your app, audiences can be created for push notifications and ad inbox messaging. This marketing tool is powered by Localytics.


For any issues or questions please contact your Sales Operations contact.


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