Understanding Modifiers

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Understanding Modifiers


The following article will assist users in understanding how to use modifiers on our QuickService POS


Not all menu items have modifiers, if an item on your menu requires/allows further modification here are the steps on how to navigate this process.


Step 1:

Select the menu item the customer would like to order

*Note: you can toggle between the menu categories by selecting the category from the top of the screen.



Step 2:

If the item requires/has no modifiers it will show in the cart on the left side of the screen. If it does have modifiers attached to the item, you will be brought to the screen below. Here is where you can add/remove items based on how the item has been set up by your manager.


To remove an item simply select REMOVE located on the top right hand corner of the menu screen.

Some modifiers may have an additional charge. This will be indicated on the right hand side of the item

*Note: The image below shows CHIPS +$2.00, if selected the total will increase by $2.00 as it is indicating the added cost associated with selecting the CHIPS item.[a]


Step 3:

Once you have made your selection the items will be added to the cart, you can review the cart by scrolling using the touchscreen. If the customer orders multiples of the same item, the quantity total will indicate this (see example below)

If the customer has ordered items and added a modifier that has an additional charge, it will be reflected on the line item total as indicated below.


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