How to Change Menus

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How to Change Menus


Step 1:

If you would like to change the menu or revenue center on a particular point off sale device, start by selecting the  menu in the upper left corner of the screen:


Once you select this symbol  the drop down menu in the image below will appear. Select configuration.


Step 2:

You will be redirected to the below screen to select the type of device this will serve as. In this example we are using Concessions POS which is Quick Service POS you can see is highlighted in yellow. Select Kiosk for kiosk mode. If you need to move to TABS mode email with the DEVICE ID and we will get that switched over.


Step 3:

Select the menu that you wish to open. The one highlighted in yellow is the one selected. If you are using kiosk mode, you will be able to select multiple menus if desired. Then select “Done”

Step 4:

The home menu page will then load. The UI will vary depending on which POS mode you chose.



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