Adding Menu Item Images for Global Merch Items

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Adding Image Touts for Global Merch Items

This document will teach you how to add images for individual global merch items


Step 1:

Go to Merch > Global Items



Step 2:

Select the image or  next to the item you want to add an image tout to. This symbol means there is not already an image uploaded. We recommend 60x60 px for the image. 



Step 3:

If it is an item that has not had any images uploaded yet, this box will populate. You want to upload the List and Detail file. One shows on the App and Canopy, the other for OrderNext.

If it is an item that already does have an image and you want to change it, it will look like this


Step 4:

If an image already exists and you wish to replace it, you must select the and remove the image before uploading a new tout


Step 5:

If you are adding brand new images to an item that has never had them before, you just need to select Choose Files under Menu list file and Menu detail file and upload a jpeg in the correct format to each of those. Then you will select at the bottom.

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