Modify Order Settings

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Modify Order Settings


Follow these steps to adjust entitlements on an order in an open order in a Tab state, as well as how to adjust while closing an order.


How to Adjust Order Settings on an Open Order


Step 1

Find the order you wish to adjust to add/remove discounts, taxes, or service charge (in certain scenarios) and click on the Details button for that order. In this guide we are working in order #850806 for customer “CC Test Customer 10” in Suite “10”.


Step 2

Here you can see that the customer has had their discount applied as well as their tax exemption - since they purchased a tax non-exempt alcohol option, they are still being charged 5.20 in tax.



Click on “More Options” and it will take you to the next page where you can add/remove tax based on the customer’s settings.



Step 3:

Once in the More Options page, select the “Modify Order Settings”.


Step 4:

The page will refresh, and you will now be in the Modify Order Settings. Here you will be able to add/remove any entitlements that are associated with the customer. These will include Discount, Sales Tax, as well as Service Charge. These are all determined based on the customer’s settings applied to a pre-order or adjusted in SMA. If there is a discrepancy, please reach out to your Suites Manager or Premium Specialist.


In this example the customer has a Discount that is being applied, they are Tax-Exempt, and will have a Service Charge applied to their order.

Step 5:

When adding or removing an entitlement - please note that these adjusted entitlements will ONLY be applied to this specific order and not all orders placed for the customer/suite. If these adjustments are to be applied to all orders, each order must be individually adjusted.


In the following example the Discount was removed, as well as the Sales Tax being re-applied. To do this the “Apply Discount” checkbox was unchecked, and the “Apply Sales Tax” was checked. The “Apply Service Charge” (Administrative Charge) was not adjusted, and the box remained checked.


Once all entitlements have been adjusted, click on the green Update button.



In the scenario where a Discount needs to be added, or the Sales Tax/Service Charge needs to be removed, a Manager will need to approve and apply their pin code. Once the box is checked (Discounts) or unchecked (Sales Tax and Service Charge) the Approval Code Required pin pad will appear for a manager to apply their code and select the green Confirm button.



After the approval code has been confirmed, you will return to the Modify Order Settings page with the updated box check/unchecked.

Following the original scenario where the Discount is not applied, and the Sales Tax and Service Charge are applied - the page will refresh and bring you back to the Suites Home Page. The order total on this page should now be adjusted to accommodate the Order Settings that were just changed.




How to Adjust Order Settings When Closing a DOE Order

If a guest is requesting to place a DOE order and close it at the time it was placed but needs to adjust the entitlements - take the following action.


Pay Now:

Once all items have been added to the DOE order, select the Pay Now button. Once in the Pay Now screen, here you will be able to check/uncheck any entitlements that need to be adjusted.


Same as in the first example, if a Discount is being added or the Sales Tax/Service Charge being removed, will require a manager to enter their approval code.




Once all entitlements have adjusted and a manager has approved, following the steps in the Closing Order guide to finish this workflow.



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