How to Add & Adjust a Modifier (Levy Only)

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How to Add and Adjust a Modifier


When adding items to an order, the user will have additional options to send as notes to the kitchen with the order.


Start by selecting the item being requested. Once the window opens for the details of that item, there may be modifiers available. Not all menu items have modifiers-- make sure to communicate with the suites manager if clarification is needed on what items can be modified.


In the following example below there are four (5) modifiers available, including a special instructions section.




These modifiers will show on the tickets in the kitchen and pantries.


The Special Instructions option, which can be used to indicate any specialty notes to the kitchen. Examples include any information that might be important to the guest and not available as a modifier (ie, allergies, preparation, etc). When the Special Instructions option is selected, a keyboard and the screen below will appear to enter desired notes.


Once you have selected the requested modifiers, select done to add the item to the check.



After the page refreshes, the item will appear on the left of the screen to indicate that the item was added to the check and the modifiers will now also appear.



Once the order has been processed, the notes will only show up on the Order Details page. If closing the order using the Pay Now workflow, notice how the notes do not show up on any Customer facing screens.




As in the example below, these modifiers will not appear on the customer’s receipt.


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