Registering your Device in the Registered Hardware Section

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Registering your Device in the Registered Hardware Section

Once a device has been set up under Configurations, follow the next steps in registering the hardware. Note that you will not be able to register a device until the configuration has been completed. Please follow the Configuration guide first if needed.


Step 1:

Navigate to the Registered Hardware section in the Devices app. To register a new device, select the green plus sign at the top right corner .


Step 2:

Once thehas been selected, the register hardware screen will appear. Here is where the device name and details will be input.

The following information is needed to Register new hardware:

  • Device serial number (can be found via settings-- contact Levy IT if assistance is needed)
  • Device Name
  • Type (Defaults POS)

Step 3:

Once the Device Serial Number and name have been input, drop-down the “Linked Configuration” field and select the configuration that was set up for this device. In this instance the new East Pantry configuration from the Configuration guide example, will be selected for this device.

Select  once all information for this device has been entered. The new device will populate with the rest of the Registered devices, and this user should now have access to the POS.


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