Setting Up Payment Configurations

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Setting Up Configurations

In setting up any new devices, the Configuration for a device must be created first (before registering the hardware).


Step 1:

Navigate to the Configuration section in the Devices app.  To add a device select the green plus sign at the top right corner .





Step 2:

Once thehas been selected the Add new Configuration screen will appear; here is where the configuration name and details will be input. Reach out to Levy IT with any questions regarding how to obtain this information.

The following information is required to set up the new configuration

  • Configuration Name
  • Mode (Only select Suites)
  • Receipt Printer (can be configured post set up)





  • Card Reader ES Key
  • Card Reader Store ID
  • Card Reader Terminal ID


Step 3:

Once the information above has been properly input, selectand this will save the new configuration and it will be reflected on the main page.


Step 4:

Once the configuration has been completed, navigate to on the Device Manager menu and follow the Registering your Device guide on completing the devices registration.




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