Emailing Receipts

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Emailing Receipts

If a customer asks for a copy of their receipt to be emailed to them, follow the steps below on how to send receipts from closed orders and when closing orders.


Sending Receipts from Closed Orders


Step 1:

Locate the order that requires a receipt to be emailed, and tap .


Step 2:

Tap  to be brought to the receipt page. Here you can type the email address requesting the receipt.


Step 3:

Once you have input the email address(es), tap  and a notification that your email was successfully sent will appear. If the receipt should be sent to multiple emails, use a comma to separate the email addresses within this field.



How to Email Receipts When Closing a Check


Step 1:

Select the order you wish to close, and tap .


Step 2:

Select the payment method requested by the Suite Holder/Guest.


Step 3:
To move forward with closing the order, select Review & Sign Screen.


Step 4:

Review the receipt, make sure there are no missing items and all charges/entitlements are accurate prior to selecting .


Step 5:

Once the customer has verified the gratuity and signed for their order the  button will appear at the bottom of the page; tap to move forward.


Step 6:

The order confirmation page will show the customer receipt and give the option to input an email address.Once the email address(es) are entered, hit the Send button. To send the receipt to multiple emails, enter all requested email addresses and separate each one using a comma.

Note that the receipt can also be printed on this page as well.


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