Setting up your Philips D-Line Smart TV for Customer Facing Order Status

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  1. Plug in TV and slide power switch down on the back of the TV 
    1. Initial setup
      1. Using remote 
        1. Select language > hit Start
        2. Select Manual Setup > hit Next
        3. Change the Signage Display Name if you like > hit Next
          1. This is optional, the default will suffice.
        4. Select Disable for Remote Control > hit Next
          1. This is for remote control of the signage display from another computer, you can enable if you like but VenueNext does not support technical issues with remote control
        5. Select Wi-Fi or Ethernet depending on how you will be connecting to the internet with the TV > hit Next
        6. Enter the information for your network and set DHCP or static IP information accordingly
        7. Select Skip for the Signage Display Settings question
        8. Select Skip for the Clone Media Files question
        9. Click Finish to complete the initial setup
    2. Media setup
      1. The default layout setting for the TV is landscape, if you need to change to portrait, follow these steps, otherwise skip to 1.b.ii.
        1. Hit the Home button on the remote
        2. Scroll down to Configuration 2
        3. Scroll down to Rotation within Configuration 2 > hit OK
        4. Scroll down to OSD rotation and change to Portrait
        5. Hit the Back button a few times to leave the menu. The TV should now display in portrait mode
      2. Hit the Source button (NOTE: The TV does support the connection of a USB mouse and/or keyboard which may make some of these steps easier)
        1. Select BROWSER > hit OK
        2. Select SETTINGS
        3. Select the first Url field > hit OK
        4. Enter the full URL for your board page (i.e. https://[INSTANCE] Your instance name will match your Ordernext URL, if your order next URL is, you would use 
          1. Hit the back key on the remote to return to the entry panel and select OK
        5. Select the Url you just entered in the list > hit OK
        6. If you need to edit it, you can do so from here, otherwise select Play
    3. Registration
      1. You should now see a screen that displays a QR code for registration, take a photo of this screen and send it to with the name of the venue in the subject line so that we can register the device for you.
      2. Once the device is registered it will automatically refresh and you will be presented with a list of revenue centers. You will need to select one in order to assign this TV to display orders for that revenue center. If you are using the remote here, you have to use the LIST and ADJUST buttons to scroll up and down the list of revenue centers, respectively. When you find the revenue center you want, hit OK. Alternatively, you can use a USB mouse here if you have one.
      3. You should now be viewing the Order Status Board home screen. When orders are placed for the revenue center you selected, they will show up on the board.

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