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Setting Up and Removing Printers

This guide will provide the steps necessary in adding and removing printers for the kitchens, pantries, as well as receipts.


How to Add a Printer

Step 1:

Once the device has been configured and registered, navigate to  in the Device Manager menu on the left-hand side. Once in the Printer section, select the to add a new printer configuration.



Step 2:

Once in the set up window, name the printer. The printer type will need to match one of the available options in the drop down list. Please reach out to Levy IT for this information if needed.

VenueNext supports the following printers:

  • Epson TM-88V
  • Star Micronics TSP100


Step 3:

Once the printer type has been selected, if this is a receipt printer toggle the Receipt printer option on (green = on, white = off).

Step 4:

Identify the connection for the new printer.

  1. If the printer is an IP printer the IP address is needed for configuring the printer. Contact your network administrator if you are unsure of how to retrieve this information.
  2. If the printer is a USB printer, select USB from the drop down, there is no further configuration information needed for this type of set up.
  3. For Bluetooth printer select Bluetooth from the drop down menu. Once selected, the device name is needed. This can be found by viewing the Bluetooth section of the device. The name that populates will either be Star Micronics or TSP100


Step 5:

The final step is adding the Print Controller, this list is pulled from the Registered Hardware section of the Devices App. Select the device from the drop down list that has been set up and designated as the Print Controller. This will control the printer functions when in operation.


Step 6 (optional):

To set up a backup printer, select the printer from the drop down list. This is not required to move forward in the set up process. Select when the configuration is completed. The new printer will populate at the top of the Printer page similar to the example below.



How to Remove a Printer

Step 1:

If a printer is no longer needed, select the Printers option within the Devices Manager menu on the left-hand side.



Step 2:

Find and click on the printer that should be removed.Once the printer settings have populated on the right-hand side, scroll to the bottom and select Delete Printer.

NOTE: This is also where a printer’s settings (IP Address, Backup Printer, etc) can be updated if needed.


Step 3:
Once the Delete Printer button has been selected a confirmation window will appear. Select “OK” to continue with deleting this printer, or “Cancel” to go back.

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