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How to Control Inventory in Canopy


Step 1

First, enable inventory management in your venue settings by going to Venue Settings and selecting the Orders section towards the bottom of the page


Next, search for the Enable inventory management setting and verify that it is set to yes. If you have to change it to yes, remember to click UPDATE SETTINGS to save the changes.



Step 2

Log into your Canopy Account and head to F&B Locations


Step 3

Once you have clicked on F&B Locations select the Location (Revenue Center) you would like to adjust-- make sure you look at the Service Type before making your selection!



Step 4

Once you have identified the Service Type and Location select the Items tab


Step 5

Verify that you are in the right Location and Service Type-- then begin to scroll or search for your menu item


Step 6

Once you have identified the menu item you wish to adjust fill in the proper fields based on the data you want to input


Pro Tip:

IF you need to do this in multiple Service Types- you can change menus via the Drop Down-





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