Creating Items with Modifiers in Canopy

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Creating Items with Modifiers in Canopy


Step 1:

On the left side menu, hover over and select  Global Items.




Step 2:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select .




Step 3:

Create the item and modifier item(s) you wish to create (example below).


Main Item:



Modifier #1:

*A price must be entered. If the modifier has no upcharge, enter “0”*


Modifier #2:


Step 4:

Follow step 1 to return to “Global Items” and search for the Main Item, with the search bar at the top-right of the page.




Step 5:

Select “None” under “Category”. Select “Manage Modifiers”



Step 6:

Select “Add New Category”



Step 7:

Create your modifier category (example below)


Step 8:

Select the category you created and select “Manage Items”



Step 9:

Search the modifier items you created and add them to the modifier category by selecting “Add Item” next to each item. It is not required to use the (default,featured,nested) options.




Once added, you will see this:



Step 10:

Follow step 1 to return to “Global F&B” and search for the main item you created.Select “Edit Modifiers”



Step 11:

Check the box next to each modifier you wish to add and select “Update Modifiers”



Step 12:

Select “Edit Modifier Settings”



Step 13:

Add the minimum and maximum amount of modifiers allowed to be selected for each corresponding category. If the modifier is optional, the “MIN” should be set to “0”. The “MIN” is the mandatory amount that must be chosen. The “MAX” should be set as the maximum amount of modifiers that can be selected in the corresponding category. When finished, Select “Update”.


By putting "0" for MIN the user will NOT have to make a selection as it will be deemed optional







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