Pickup Window Set Up

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Pickup Window Set Up


Step 1:

Access the F&B menu in Canopy. Select Pickup Windows will need to be added per Menu Location, they can not be mass added



Step 2:

Identify the menu you would like to add the Pickup Window functionality. Once identified select the in this example we will select the service type associated with Mobile Order & Pick Up on Main Floor West Section 3

Step 3:

Go to the Pickup Window Tab


Step 4:

Once you have navigated to the Pickup Windows section, select and input your window names in both fields. Once satisfied save your changes by selecting


Step 5:

Once you have added all of the Windows for that location, you have the ability to set a DEFAULT window for the Location (Reference Pick Up Window Video)

Step 6:

Once you have set up the Windows in the Pickup Window section, you MUST adjust the settings. This is how the customer will be notified where to pick up their order. Go to SETTINGS

And scroll down to the ORDER CARDS section.


You must update the order card and include the following: 

#{window_name} in your text.



This will trigger the system to add the order number as indicated on the example receipt below;






Tablet Video:









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