How to Use Existing Items in New Location Menus

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How to Use Existing Items in New Location Menus


This article outlines the steps to add existing menu items to new location menus without the hassle of having to rebuild similar items from scratch.


Step 1:

Login to Canopy and go to Global Food and Beverage Items.



Step 2:

Search for the existing item you would like to add to your new location menu.

 **Please remember that if you are planning to use an existing modifier group, you must also map the modifiers to the new location menu as well, for it to show on OrderNext & Mobile App-- if you are not seeing your modifiers on your newly mapped item, please make sure the modifier items have also been added to the new location menu.



Once you have located the item you wish to add, click on the item name (in this example you will click on )


Step 3:

You will be brought to the Menu Item Location page, here you will be able to see where this existing item lives-- If you do not see a box with a service type listed, then the item ALREADY lives in that location. Note below how  does not show a Service Type-- that is because the item currently lives with that location menu.

**In this example we will add Ham & Swiss to “The Wave” location, by checking the box  next to Express Pickup () the system will add Ham & Swiss to the new location menu and it will appear on OrderNext pending it has previously been set up.



To learn more or how to create new Global Items click here.


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