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After a food & beverage or merchandise purchase, guests can opt to receive text messages as their order is being prepared. 


When the user first opts into the text message, for that specific order, they will be sent an enrollment text message.  As the state of the order changes to one of the following, the guest will receive text messages letting them know about the progress.

  • Assigned ("Claimed" state in the Runner App)
  • Bumped ("Ready for Pickup" state in Xpedite)
  • Canceled
  • Delivery Failed
  • Submission Failed (Only used with external POS integrations)

Order state changes that would have sent text messages to the user if they were enrolled will be sent after they enroll - for example:

  • The user places an order & doesn't enroll in text updates
  • Order is moved to ready for pickup
  • The user then enrolls into text updates
  • The user will then immediately receive the enrollment & the ready for pick up text messages


The text of these notifications is fully customizable, in Canopy, for the entire organization, venue, or location.

Entire organization customization:

  1. F&B > Organization Settings
  2. Push Messages

Venue customization:

  1. F&B > Venue Settings
  2. Push Messages

Location customization:

  1. F&B > F&B Locations
  2. Select a menu
  3. Location Settings
  4. Push Messages


The following liquid variables are supported when defining these messages:

  • #{order_number} - order number as shown on the order details page in Canopy
  • #{first_name} - first name of the customer that placed the order
  • #{location_name} - name of the location where the order was placed
  • #{meal_period_name} - this is the menu name
  • #{window_name} - this is the name of the pickup window

For example, if the following is configured in Canopy:

Order #{order_number} is being delivered. 

Then the following would be received by the customer via text message:

Order 4513 is being delivered. 

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