How to Update Tax Settings for a Venue & Add Tax to Menu Items

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How to Update Tax Settings for a VENUE

Now that you have learned how to update tax settings for a LOCATION you can also input your tax settings for your ENTIRE VENUE. This is the easiest way to apply your tax settings across ALL revenue centers and menu locations.

*IF this is completed you will NOT have to update your tax information on for each individual LOCATION*

*Currently VenueNext Does not support multiple tax classes. Tax rates would have to be combined together.*

 Step 1:

Hover over the icon and select Venue Settings, you will now be editing for the VENUE and not a singular location;

***(if you are trying to do this only with Merchandise you will not be able to do this)



Step 2:

Scroll down to find "Tax" section. Once you locate it click on the drop down arrow.


Step 3:

Once you have adjusted all of the TAX settings to your liking, scroll back up to the  button, your changes will NOT save unless you select


**For tax inclusive locations change "no" to "yes" from the drop down menu called Tax inclusive location (see below) 


Step 4:

Once this has been completed, you will need to go into the Locations and add tax to the items that will be getting taxed.

Hover over the icon and select Locations , this will help you access the location you are looking to adjust the tax in.Screen_Shot_2022-03-02_at_1.52.31_AM.png

Select the Location you would like to Add Tax to. Select , in this example we will be selecting this will navigate you to the


Step 6:

Once you land on the page select the tab, this will bring you to your Menu for the location you are working in.


**IF updating items to TAX INCLUSIVE skip to step 8**



Simply search the item you wish to add tax to;


Click the box next to the item you are looking to ADD TAX to

The box will have a PURPLE check mark this means that you are now ADDING TAX to that item. IF you want to remove the tax for that item simply click on the box and remove the check mark. ALWAYS SAVE! You can do this by selecting


Key Tip to Identify if Tax is Being Properly Added:

If you do a test order, before checkout take a look at your your tax line at check out;


Step 8:

If a location is tax inclusive check the TAX INCLUSIVE box next to the item that you wish to make inclusive of tax and select to save changes. Tax will not reflect for the customer but WILL be segmented out in DataNow reporting. Follow the flow in Step 8 to save tax inclusive changes


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