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Navigating Status APP-


 Status APP is a tool that you can use to control the flow of your stands right in the palm of your hand without needing to operate Canopy via desktop amidst operating an event.

How It Works

Status APP gives you the ability to open, close and pause a stand (essentially giving you the ability to turn a stand from wherever you are located in the building!)


Simply open the link we provide to you on your mobile browser.

****IF you happen to lose the link or experience issues accessing the Status APP, you can contact us via email at or via the Support Center through canopy and we will happily assist you.


Once you access the link in your browser, this will be the page that you will land on.


Once you have been authenticated you will land on your venue’s location page. This lists all available Venuenext stands, with opening, closing and menu options for you to adjust in real time.

***Please remember you are unable to turn a stand to Red.

**Red = cancelled orders and refunds.


******Please note the Status APP is outfitted to be operated from your mobile device, if you are accessing  from a computer the view will look different but still function the same.


If you open the drop down  located on the top of your screen you will have the ability to turn on and off global controls for items such as alcohol, shut down ALL stands, open ALL stands and active/deactivate delivery options for all locations.


***Please note: you will not be able to completely turn off a stand (i.e. turn a stand to Red), which will ultimately cancel and refund pending orders in the system. This function ONLY allows you to Open and Pause/Close locations but outstanding orders are still active in a pending state waiting for redemption and delivery.


How Do I Turn On/Off SPECIFIC Locations?


If your event calls for select stand closures, you can alter what stand is open/closed through Status APP as well. This allows you to give guests access to what you have to offer without confusing them with stands that are not active during your event.

 Simply select the stand you want to adjust


If you choose to Pause a stand-- the location will be PAUSED for 20 minutes. You can easily unpause the location before the 20 minutes is up. This option is useful to keep in mind for when you are anticipating a big walk up/order rush.

***REMINDER:  We only allow stands to be fully turned off and refund guests via Canopy. So if orders are pending and you  86 an item, you will need to make refund/order cancel changes in CANOPY. Use the Order pending reference under the Location name when closing a location. If something is pending when you close a location, you will want to address it at your discretion.


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