Submitting Support Tickets to VenueNext

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Submitting Support Tickets to VenueNext

 If at any point you are in need of Customer Support please utilize the following options;

VenueNext Help Center

VenueNext Support Ticket


Call Us! 1-888-276-2108

Press 3 - To input extension

Press 4444# - For Enterprise Support Services

Press 2 - Assistance with POS Features

Press 2 for VenueNext Support



8882762108,,,3,4444#,2,2 - VenueNext Support


VenueNext Help Center

You can easily access our Help Center simply clicking the  option on the top right hand side of your Canopy screen.


 This button will guide you to our Help Center, this tool is equipped with resources to help navigate you through various technical roadblocks you may encounter.


 Our tools consist of how to guides with examples of the Step-By-Step process to help navigate you through troubleshooting issues.



 Submitting a Support Ticket

 If you find that this tool does not solve your issue, you can always submit a Support Ticket with us that will be reviewed and escalated to the proper channels. Just click the SUBMIT A REQUEST linklocated at the top right hand side of your Help Center page.


 This will direct you to the Support Ticket field where you can give us more information about the issues you are experiencing. Please note that screenshots are a great tool for us to help identify real time issues and be as specific as possible (i.e. if it is an APP issue, specify if it is iOS or Android specific or an issue with both.)



 Emailing our Help Desk

In situations where you are unable to access canopy, you can always email us at Let us know who you are, what organization you are with and what your issues are as always real time screenshots are always appreciated.



 Once your Support Ticket is submitted our team will contact you with an update to let you know we are looking at it and consulting the proper channels.


 If you have follow-up information or questions after submitting your ticket you are more than welcome to respond to our emails. The more real time information we can get the better for us to troubleshoot on our end. You can always access canopy to check the real-time status of your tickets.




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