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Fans can receive a marketplace experience/ digital coupon as an automatic reward (in addition to virtual currency).  

  • Example: fans receive a free Chick-fil-A sandwich when entering the game an hour or more before tip-off.
  • This is a great sponsorship activation & opportunity for sponsor engagement
  • All auto-reward types can now be configured to reward Virtual Currency OR a marketplace experience/ digital coupon.
  • While cash back rewards can be configured to award marketplace experiences, it is not recommended for two reasons:
    • (1) Cashback reward should award virtual currency by definition
    • (2) The amount to next award will display as $0 on the mobile wallet homepage



Additionally, when opting to reward a marketplace experience for a mobile ticket scan, fans can optionally earn the same number of experiences as tickets scanned.

  • By default, a fan will earn 1 experience regardless of how many tickets they had to the event
  • When configuring the reward rule, you can now saw to award the same number of experiences as tickets scanned by checking the ‘Award per Scan’ checkbox


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