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Canopy now supports the ability to upload events in bulk via a CSV file, which is extremely useful for MLB & NBA teams due to the number of games per season.  This document outlines how to do the upload successfully. 



  1. Download template
    • Open the CSV template, or provided to you (note - there is sample data in there that needs to be removed/ overwritten)
    • Download as a CSV (file > download as > CSV)
    • Don't change column header names or ordering
  2. Enter the events that you want to upload (formatting mentioned below - when in doubt check Canopy for what the field expects)
  3. Add any custom fields that are needed (if any) as the right most columns
  4. Go to the event page in Canopy (Events --> Events)
  5. Click Upload Events (don't click Import Events)
  6. Click "Choose File" and select the CSV file
  7. Refresh the events page after the success message displays
    • The tool will not call out any errors with formats or invalid data, so be sure to double check what is being uploaded
    • Main fields to check are date/ time fields, home/ away color, and image URLs
    • If the upload fails, then no events will be created and the following message will display: "UNDEFINED EVENTS SUCCESSFULLY IMPORTED. PLEASE RELOAD YOUR PAGE TO VIEW THESE EVENTS."


Custom Fields

List of commonly used custom fields

  • display_date - this is how the date will be displayed in the app, this allows customization for the format used (i.e. Mon, Jan 3rd)
  • marketplace - true or false, true if you want the event to be used in the marketplace
  • marketplace_display_name - this is how the event will display in the marketplace
  • swiper - true if you want an event image added to a carousel. 
    • (Note: "Swiper = true" events will be added to the list of events in the carousel, but the carousel will only show X images at a time. Events will be automatically removed once the event date has passed and the next event in line will be automatically added into the carousel.)

Modify Events in Bulk

  1. On the events page in Canopy, download events to CSV
  2. In that CSV, modify any values that need to change
    • You must leave & not modify the event_uuid column
    • Any other fields/columns that aren't changing should be deleted
    • Follow the same rules described above for each field
  3. Go back to Canopy and select Bulk Update Events
  4. Upload the modified CSV file

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