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STH Bonus

  • All mobile ticket scan categories can optionally have a season-ticket-holder (STH) bonus applied, which will be added to the reward amount
  • The identification of a STH uses existing functionality (item set for Ticketmaster & member status for Flash Seats)

Configurable push notification

  • No longer supported with Web & SDK 2.0

Reward Rule Icon

  • Reward rule icons should be uploaded to Canopy as a 56x56pt (3x) PNG file

Mobile App Identification

  • Flash Seats - currently the Veritix API doesn’t have a way to know if the Flash Seats SDK, Flash Seats Mobile app, Drivers License, or Credit Card was used as the entry method.  In the scenario where the user has signed into the Flash Seats SDK, and subsequently uses any of the 3 other entry methods they will still be awarded virtual currency

Ticketmaster - only entry scans that are from the Ticketmaster SDK will be awarded virtual currency (channel indicator = n, o, r, v, g, l, N, O, R, V, G, L)

Canopy Configuration: 

  • The VenueNext platform integrates with ticketing partner APIs to know who has attended the event
  • In order to know which event to request attendance for, the event in Canopy needs to know the ticketing partner event ID by entering in these two fields:
    • ticketing provider - either ‘ticketmaster’ or ‘veritix’
    • Ticketing provider event ID - game event name for Ticketmaster or event ID for Veritix
  • Instance Controlled Virtual Currency
    • If a team/venue has multiple OrderNext instances each with its own virtual currency then an additional custom field will need to be added to the event
    • The custom field label is 'instance' and the value is the instance name (i.e. twolves from twolves.ordernext.com)
    • If instance controlled virtual currency is not used then this custom field is not needed
    • If you are unsure if you are using instance controlled virtual currency please reach out to help@venuenext.com

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