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Here is a sample checklist to prepare for an event:

Close Orders

  • After the previous event, close/refund all open orders


  • After the previous event, turn alcohol back on

Menu Review

  • Review the menu in the app for each stand
  • Ensure items, prices, images are correct
  • Make sure the stand is stocked with the correct items
  • Change anything in Canopy

Test Orders

  • Place a test order at each stand
  • Close on the POS and refund
  • Ensure the App, POS, and printer are properly working

App States

  • Check the text on the order cards for each state
  • Test Android and iOS

Cashier Training

  • Train the cashier working the location. You can combine that with your test order to practice with them.
  • Train a backup cashier and the supervisor of the location
  • Make sure there is expediting support for the cashier
  • Make sure the signs/queuing system is in place if needed

Contact Info

  • Leave a phone number or radio with the stand so they can contact you if anything goes wrong

Turn on Stands

  • Turn on stands at the designated time before the event

Alcohol 3rd Qtr

  • Turn alcohol yellow near the end of the 3rd quarter or whenever alcohol shutoff happens
  • Set an alarm for yourself or for the person responsible for turning off alcohol

Turn off Stands

  • Turn off stands and close/refund any open orders at the end of the event

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