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The Experiences Marketplace is where guests can purchase low cost of goods experiential items for upcoming or current events.  Common examples of experiences are mascot visits, big board birthday messages, dinning access, locker room tours, and many many others.  The price & inventory for an experience can be dynamic based on the event so that popular and high demand events can be priced differently.  When a fan is at the venue, wanting to redeem their experience, they can do so without the need for the venue to setup any hardware or configure a point-of-sale system.


When deciding what Marketplace Experiences to sell, there are some logistical concerns related to the ordering process as well as managing the Experience itself.

  • What is being offered to the venue’s customers?
  • What will be the base price for this offering?
  • Will we modify this price for more popular events?
  • How far in advance can people purchase?
  • How much lead time is needed to prepare for each customer? In other words - what is the deadline for ordering an experience for a given event?
  • What information about the customer is needed to fulfill the offering?
  • What chaperones or other personnel are needed to support the experience?
  • What instructions will you provide to the customer?

The entire high-level flow to create an experience in Canopy and put it on-sale is as follows:

  1. Create events
  2. Create categories
  3. Check that a merchant is setup
  4. Create a global item
  5. Modify pricing & inventory per event, if desired

Training Video

Canopy training video available here (recorded on Nov 11th, 2019).

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