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  • Order cards appear in the app when a Merchandise or F&B order has been placed. The text changes for different states (Processing, Bumped, Completed, etc) and can be edited in Canopy.
  • There is a large, bold text for the Display Name and smaller gray text for the Description or Instructions


All Locations

  • To change the text for all locations, go to Venue Settings and scroll to the bottom. Open “Order Cards”
  • Choose Concessions for Pickup orders or Delivery to change the delivery order cards for all delivery locations. 


Single Locations

  • If you would like to change the order cards for a single location (Ex: "Pickup near sect 101”) then go to F&B Locations --> Service Type --> Settings
  • Scroll or search for Order Cards and change the states from that page 


Order States:


  • Typically when the order has been submitted. You could acknowledge the order or tell them the pickup location.

Bumped = Ready

  • Occurs after action on the KDS. This is typically the state for out for delivery or if the order is ready to be picked up.
  • Instruct guests to pick up their order at a specific location or tell them to watch for a runner and have their ID ready.
  • A push notification will be sent when the order is bumped. The text can be changed in the Push Messages section.


  • If you are assigning to a specific runner, this is the state to notify guests that their order is on the way. Instruct them to watch for their runner and have their ID ready.

Completed/Completion Pending

  • Typical to say thank you. For merchandise, you can specify the process for returns or exchanges.


  • Explain that the guest will not be charged

Submission Fail

  • An error condition that can occur when using a POS where you can ask the guest to try again

Assigned State

Some venues have an assigned state where the runner is specified. Use this text if you are using that state to tell the guest that the order is on the way. You can specify to look out for the runner and have their ID ready.

Delivery Failed

Delivery Failed occurs when the runner cannot find the person. They will not be charged for the order.

Submission Failed

This state occurs when there is a mismatch between the POS and the app or whenever an order cannot be submitted. 

Canceled State

The order is canceled because it cannot be fulfilled. The US spelling of "Canceled" typically has one L and the British spelling typically has two L's.

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