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You will be on the Service Types page after clicking from the Location Page. The top tabs adjust the setup of a location.

1. See the name of the menu and General/Menu options

2.Service Type Tout: This image appears at the top of the menu with the available items listed below it it is updated in the General Tab

3. Disabled text is the message guests see when the location is not accepting orders (Availability is Yellow or Red)

4. Visibility shows/hides the location in the app. (ON/OFF)

5. Availability turns the location on/off for new orders/off for all orders

6. The other settings are for specific submission and should not be changed without talking to VN

7. Wait Settings allow you to show a warning to users that says orders are taking longer. The time is used for delivery only.


The Menus/Hours page allows you to set up the menu hours and ordering slots. Select a menu period and add hours

8. Local Time: Inherited from the Location setup

9. Order Class: Code for the POS for orders. Do not adjust the Order Class without talking to VenueNext.

10. Business Hour Display Name: This text shows in the app

11. Slot interval and max orders can regulate order volumes. Choose a time period and then the max number of orders in that time window. Ex: 10 orders every 5 minutes. Once 10 orders are reached, the location won’t allow more orders until the next slot.

12. Advance for Scheduled Orders: The number of days in advance to order food. 1 is the current day.

13. Business Hours are the times when a guest can place an order. Order Ahead hours are the hours when the orders can be picked up. The max orders per slot relate to the Order Ahead hours.



See this additional page for more information on setting Business Hours 




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