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You can set up business and ordering hours to automatically turn the locations on/off and handle pre-orders.

1. Navigation to Menus

  • Select F&B Locations--> Service Type-->Menu-->Hours to set up the hours for a specific menu

2. Hour Details

  • Local Time Zone: Inherited from the Location setup
  • Order Class: Code for the POS for orders. Do not adjust the Order Class without talking to VenueNext (Only used with Simphony POS integration).
  • Business Hour Display Name: This text shows in the app to inform guests of the restaurant hours
  • Slot interval and max orders can regulate order volumes. Choose a time period and then the max number of orders in that time window. Ex: 10 orders every 5 minutes. Once 10 orders are reached, the location won’t allow more orders until the next slot.
  • Advance for Scheduled Orders: The number of days in advance to order food. 1 means you can place an order the same calendar date in UTC timezone.


 3. Business Hours/Order Ahead Hours

  • Business Hours are displayed for the location and allow guests to place orders in that time period.
  • Order Ahead Hours create the specific slots to pick up the order. The slots and interval time are created within the order ahead hours.
  • For the example shown, guests need to order between midnight and 10:30 am. The pickup slots are between 11:30-3pm. Those hours are listed in the Business Hour Display Name. The Business Hours are from 12:01 am-10:30 am when guests can place orders and the pickup slots start at 11:30 am. 



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