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For in-seat delivery, you need to map each seat to a delivery location. Seats are pre-assigned to a delivery aisle based on their position, and those aisles are mapped to locations

1. In Canopy, go to Food & Beverage > F&B Stand to Aisle Mappings or Merchandise > Merch Stand to Aisle Mappings

2. Click MANAGE AISLE MAPPINGS for the location you want to add aisles to or remove aisles from


3. Remove or add delivery aisles to a location:

  • Uncheck box next to an assigned aisle (green) to unassign from the stand
  • Check box next to an unassigned aisle (orange or white) to assign to the stand
  • Click UPDATE


Please Note: You should confirm that your location to aisle mapping is correct prior to each event. If volume is too high at a location, or a location is closing, aisles can be re-mapped during an event, but existing orders will remain assigned to the original location.


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