Setting up Xpedite on an iPad

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How to set up Xpedite

Please be sure to disable auto-lock on your iPad by following the steps below:
  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Display & Brightness. 
  3. Tap Auto-Lock. Tap Never.

Set up an Xpedite tablet in Canopy to add the name, order states and printers (see instructions for Xpedite tablet setup in Canopy)

Download the Xpedite app on your tablet


To Verify VenueNext as a developer:

  • Go to Settings → General → Device Management (on the right side) → Click VENUENEXT INC → click Trust VENUENEXT INC → TRUST
  • This process allows the device to trust an app that is not distributed through the official app store.
  • After that, open the Xpedite app on the iPad and login


1. Select the Venue for the tablet from the pull-down

2. Select the Location of the restaurant from the pull-down

3. Select the tablet from the list of tablets that have been created in Canopy for that location

  • If the tablet does not show up in the list, go to Canopy to create the tablet name and settings


4. Tablet is Online/Offline

5. Name of the tablet. Tapping it goes to settings.

6. Location is available for orders. Tapping on the icon allows you to close the stand.

7. The states of the order are tabs.

  • Placed: The order has been placed but the guest has not yet sent the order to the kitchen
  • Being Prepared: The order is in the kitchen
  • Ready: The order is ready to be picked up
  • Closed: The guest has picked up the order

8. The current orders in each state/tab 


9. Search for an order using numbers or letters. Results will take you to the order detail page.



One way to move an item to the next state is to swipe left on an order from the main screen and then tap the button for the next order state


10. If you click on an order from the main page, it shows the order details

11. Move the order from one state to another with the tabs on the right side. The order will be moved to the next phase and the screen will return to the main page.

12. Modify/Refund an order from the lower right – need authorization

13. Reprint an order with the bottom right button – need authorization

Authorization is needed for refunding and reprinting.

If there is a problem with authorization, check Canopy for permissions. A location must be specified in order to give refund permissions.



14. After tapping the MODIFY button, you will be prompted for authorization. Then modify the order by selecting the items to remove. There is no ability to add an item to an order.

15. Tap the REMOVE ITEMS button at the lower right to remove those items

16. There is a cancel button in the lower left to close the window without removing items.



Demonstration of Xpedite:


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