Linking a Tablet Printer in Canopy

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How to link a Tablet Printer in Canopy

This article will instruct you on how to set up tablet printers which will automatically print all items on a printer for each order received. Tablet printers require no menu item configuration. You must first have created your tablets and printers in Canopy. If you have not created tablets or printers, check the Hardware Section of the VenueNext Help Center for instructions on how to do so.


Step 1:

Open Canopy and go to F&B > Xpedite Devices


Make sure the Tablets tab is selected.


Step 2:

Select the tablet you would like to link a printer to from the list:


Verify that the "Print Control Tablet" option is enabled.

Click "View Details"


Step 3:

In the ADD PRINTER section, search for the printer you would like to link to this tablet by name:


When you find the printer, click ADD PRINTER.


Step 4:

The printer should now appear in the list of linked printers:


Set the number of copies of chits you would like printed every time this printer prints an order.

If you would like this printer to automatically print orders when they are moved to the Being Prepared state in Xpedite, set AUTOPRINT to the ON position. 

Click SAVE to save your changes.





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