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Venue Settings controls the locations and services across the venue. If you want to turn services on/off or turn alcohol on/off at multiple locations, go to Venue Settings.

Access from the left menu: F&B→Venue Settings

Turning in-seat delivery/express pickup/merchandise green opens all locations at the same time and yellow/red closes them all.

  • GREEN: Accepting new orders and fulfilling existing orders
  • YELLOW: No new orders, but existing orders will be fulfilled
  • RED: No new orders, existing orders are canceled


 You can override the venue settings by turning an individual location on or off. The Venue Settings will tell you which stands are overriding the overall settings.

Alcohol Settings for the venue are also in Venue Settings:

  • GREEN: Alcohol items appear on the menu and can be ordered. Existing items with alcohol will be fulfilled.
  • YELLOW: Alcohol items disappear from the menu so new orders can be placed, but existing orders will be fulfilled
  • RED: Alcohol items disappear from the menu so new orders can be placed. Existing Express orders with alcohol are canceled, but any Delivery orders will have the alcohol removed from the order.

Troubleshooting Tip:

  • If you see alcohol on the menu and alcohol is off for the entire venue, the item is probably marked as alcohol. Go to Global F&B Items and mark it as alcohol.

Other Venue Settings

There are many settings in folders under the main Venue Settings for In-Seat, Express Pickup and Alcohol. Here are some examples:

Push Notifications:

Push Notification text is the text that people who order food or merchandise receive when their order is processed. Edit this text in Push Notifications on the Venue Settings page.


Alcohol Settings

Alcohol Configurations are also in Venue Settings. Adjust the limits and messages that guests will see when ordering alcohol.


 Stand Menus

Stand menus can be configured in the settings page as well. Adjust the text when the stand is closed across all stands.




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