Validating POS Reporting with Gateway Batching

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Edward Andrews
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Description: Learn how to verify POS reporting in DataNow with gateway batching in Lighthouse Transaction Manager (LTM).


1. Navigate to DataNow.

  • Under Reports, select Settlement by Processor.

  • Under the Effective Business Date, select the appropriate date(s).
    Note if using "is in range" it is not inclusive of the end date. eg. the screenshot below would only return results from 3/3 and 3/4.

  • Click the load button in the top right.


2. Navigate to LTM

  • Select all relevant MIDs
  • Under Transactions, select Archived Batches.

  • Select the Start and End dates, click Apply.
  • Click Select All, then View Selected Batches.
  • You'll find the total highlighted in yellow in the Archives Summary section.

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