Reconciling DataNow and LTM

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Description: Learn how to reconcile DataNow and Lighthouse Transaction Manager (LTM). If LTM and DataNow do not match after these steps, please reach out to the VenueNext help desk for assistance.


  1. Ensure all of your devices do not have unsynced or open orders on them.
    • DataNow has a report titled "Device Monitoring", which will display any devices and their location with approved offline or completion pending orders on them. It is imperative that these devices are synced and closed out as soon as possible after an event. Letting these orders sit on a device could lead to those orders never syncing and a potential loss of revenue.
      • It is highly recommended to schedule a recurring report to see these open orders. Please note the Calendar Date filter is reflective of the date an order was created, thus it will not show all open orders, only the ones that the date filter is set to.
      • If you would like to see a detailed look on these orders, you can either click the orders or gross sales totals and dive into a transactional report. From there you can download that specific data.

  2. Once devices are all synced
    • Navigate to the Settlement by Processor report in DataNow.
      • Enter the Effective Business Date (This represents the date the order was created on the device. If this date is NULL, this field will represent the date the transaction is synced to the server) and the Processor (Shift4).
      • You will then receive the Settlement Amount for the Effective Business Date. You will compare this Settlement Amount to the batched amount seen in LTM for the correlating business date.
    • Log in to your instance of LTM and select Archived Batches from the Transactions section from the top banner. Select the date of your event, and you'll see a Net Amount, last number on the right. That Net Amount is the dollar amount processed for the given date.
      • Note: Some batches will prepare days after an event due to offline orders etc., reference the business date when looking the reconcile funds.
      • In DataNow, these dates might differ which will trigger an investigation into the variance.

  3. Reconciliation
    • If these numbers match, then reconciliation is complete!
    • If these numbers do not match then please specify your variance amount and percent of total sales this represents when contacting support.

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