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Description: This guide will explain the steps of removing a PAX Q25 PIN pad device from an Elo Kiosk and replacing it with a new one. 


Before removing the old Q25 device, you will need to take note of the IP address and other information, so it can be  entered into the new device after installing it. 

1. Access the Q25 settings by pressing the Menu Key on the right and entering the Current Date (MM/DD/YYYY).

Note: If the current date does not work, try a day ahead and a day behind.


2. On the main menu, press the down arrow key in the middle.

3. On the second page of the Main Menu, press 2 on the keypad to select COMM Settings

4. You will be prompted to enter the password again as the current date. On the COMM Options page, press the down arrow to get to page 2. 

5. From the second page, press 4 on the keypad to select LAN Parameters.

6. From the LAN PARAMS page, select each option and record what is displayed. This will need to be entered into the new Q25. (If the device is fully bricked, please reach out to your IT department to find out what should be entered into these fields.) 

LAN Type: This should be set to Static unless the site has DHCP Reservations. 

IP Address: Three digits will need to be entered for each octet. 

• For example, should be recorded and entered as 

Subnet Mask: Three digits will need to be entered for each octet, similar to the IP Address.

• Gateway IP Address: Three digits will need to be entered for each octet, similar to the IP Address. 

7. On the second page of LAN PARAMS, there are DNS Settings. Depending on your network, these may need to be set to Manual

• If so, record these the same as in Step 6 (i.e, three digits per octet). 

• If not, they can stay set to automatic and don’t need to be recorded.



Now that we have recorded our network settings, we can proceed with removing the old Q25 and installing the new one.

8. Begin by unlocking and opening the Kiosk. 

9. Once open, unscrew the following four screws shown below. 

10. Remove the white panel and unscrew the remaining screw holding the Q25 in place.

11. With the device being able to move freely, flip it over and remove the back panel by pushing it outward. 

12. Remove the power cable by grabbing the center of the plug on both sides and pulling away from the device. The old device is now removed.

13. Remove the back of the new Q25 and install the same power cable. It’s crucial to make sure that you do not  install the power cable at an angle and do not force it. Install the power cable in the same manner it was  removed to prevent the pins from bending. 

14. Slide on the back panel of the new Q25 and make sure the new Q25 powers on. 

15. If it does, reinstall the new Q25 using the screw that was removed in Step 10. 

16. Install the white back panel and lock the Kiosk back up with the screws from Step 9.

17. Repeat Steps 1-7 and input the network information that was recorded from the old device. 



18. After entering the network information on the new Q25, press the red X key several times until you are on the idle screen.  

19. Hold the red X key to reboot the device and save its settings. 

20. Once the device is rebooted, run a test sale to ensure that the Kiosk is communicating with the new device.

If the new device is not working, please reach out to or your Account Manager. 



If the IP Address of the Q25 has changed, follow the steps below to make sure the Kiosk has the correct IP Address for the Q25 assigned to it. 

1. Make sure you have entered the new IP Address into the Q25 by following the above Steps 1-7. 

• For these steps, you will need access to the Devices page of Canopy. The URL would be

• If this page does not load, then you most likely do not have access and you will need to contact or your Account Manager

2. You will need to get the Serial Number of the terminal. To begin, simultaneously press the two power buttons at the bottom left of the Kiosk. This will pull up a menu on the Kiosk screen.


3. Enter a passcode. This should be your site's ZIP Code

4. The Control Panel will unlock and appear at the top of the screen, providing the device information.  Record the Serial Number that is displayed. 

5. Navigate to This should bring you directly to your Devices page in Canopy, and your page should look similar to the below.


6. Once you have confirmed you’re under Devices → Configurations, proceed to the search bar in the top-right corner and search the Serial Number you recorded earlier. 

7. In the search results, select the line that contains your Kiosk Serial Number. This will pull up the  Configurations page. 

8. On the Configurations page, scroll down and locate the Shift4 Host IP field. 

9. In the Host IP field, enter the IP Address of the new Q25 device and select SAVE

10. After you have saved the changes allow for up to 5-10 minutes for the changes to take effect.

11. Run a test sale on the Kiosk to ensure that the Q25 prompts for payment. 

If you have any questions about this setup, please reach out to or your Account Manager for assistance.

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