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Description: This article will guide you through the sales reporting structure and basic navigation of DataNow. 

Sales Report Types 

Sales Summary

  • This report can provide key KPIs while on the go or during an event. See your top selling items and move around staff members to the most popular selling locations, if necessary. 

Operational Sales

  • Assist with building recs for each concession location. 
  • See the top selling items nearest to whatever storage areas are available on the concourse level for easy restock throughout the night. 
  • Visibility into locations with Approved Offline orders. 
  • Downloadable Employee Data Table for a streamlined Gratuity payout.

Financial Sales

  • Comprehensive report for all financial/payment information. 
  • See settlement amounts for each payment type and processor. 
  • Downloadable Category Sales report
  • Approved Offline order hub
    • See the current status of each order that originated in Approved Offline
    • Approved Offline Failure report displaying payments that failed during order syncing

Settlement by Processor

  • This report provides an aggregate view of settled payments by date or date range. Payment Processor can be specified (defaults to Shift4) and is useful when comparing transactions to the payment gateway. 

F&B Sales and Merchandise Sales

  • These reports act as an amalgamation of the three above. A one stop shop into all reporting for the period of time you’re looking for. 
  • The biggest reports we offer, with more than 20 tiles worth of data. 
  • Due to the size, this report becomes less performant if pulling for more than one day’s worth of data.

Marketplace Sales

  • For those using our Marketplace and Experiences service, you’ll be able to find all sales information here. 

RvC Items and Orders

  • See line by line cart totals for each order. Click on either Orders ID or Confirmation Number to see this order information in Canopy. 

Sales Audit

  • See a summary of all sales numbers, and tie out cart totals (line items, tax, and tips) to payments. This report does not include transactional data. 
  • This report omits the approved offline state, in lieu of a tile dedicated to Approved Offline orders. If Approved Offline is a state desired in the reporting, it can be added in the Order State filter.
  • Useful when pulling sales numbers for multiple days or month/s.

Filter Setup 

The list of filters will appear either at the top or to the right hand side of the report. Set these to query the specific data you would like to see.

When filter selection is complete, hit the refresh button on the right hand side of the page to update the Database. You’ll notice after you set your filters this refresh button will turn blue.

Downloading Data 

The capability exists to download data from a specific tile, WITHOUT running the entire report.

After you select your filters, DO NOT click the blue circle to refresh data.

Instead hover the desired tile with your mouse, and click the three vertical dots that appear in the top right corner. From there, download data.


Under Advanced Data Options: 

Results: please keep the “With visualizations options applied” selected, this is to ensure the field names match the Data Dictionary.

Number of rows to include: select All results to ensure you download all of your data. 

Data Drill-Throughs

All aggregated numeric fields can be clicked to Drill-Through, which will pull up all order data associated with the selected numeric field.  

Clicking the 3 dots in the order ID or order UUID boxes will provide a link to the order details page in Canopy. Just make sure you are signed into Canopy before clicking that link. You can also download this data as well, by clicking the Download icon in the top right corner. 

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