2023 Week 50 Release - Suites POS

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New Features & Enhancements

  • Various performance enhancements
    • Upgraded to React 18, which offers a more sophisticated, efficient mechanism in which actions happen. This upgrade will help prevent actions from being repeated and stacking of API requests
    • Performed a general cleanup of components to improve load times
    • Optimized the code base by restructuring data flows and more efficiently scoping API requests
  • Updated the network indicator icon
  • Prevent devices from being registered with a UUID instead of the Device ID
  • Added web summit functionality

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI latency issues
  • Fixed an issue where a “Sum of Payment Amounts” error was received under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where the text in the Mobile Orders tab was misaligned
  • Fixed a regression in v1.23.0-ec where orders were not being consistently displayed upon being created or updated (T17880)
  • Fixed an issue where devices were reverting to the configuration screen when they should not have been (T17369)

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