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Description: This article will cover how Yellow Dog integrates into Canopy, as well as best practices for utilizing the Yellow dog integration. 


Yellow Dog is an inventory management system that supports a “2 way integration” for managing inventory and reporting. Due to the 2 way integration, there are only a handful of things that can be updated in Canopy. The majority of the product and menu configurations must be configured in Yellow Dog first.


Clients should not vary from the steps outlined below.


Note: Tax Rates are not sent from Yellow Dog to Canopy!  Any new item pushed from Yellow Dog to Canopy requires that the Tax Rate on the Item be set in Canopy immediately after the item is pushed.


What can be updated in Canopy:

  • New location additions
  • Adding tokens to new locations and menus
  • Print mapping issues (non item related)
  • Hardware issues
  • Mobile ordering functionality issues
  • Category creation
  • Modifier category mapping (NOT category maintenance)
  • Reporting category creation
  • User accounts
  • Reconciliation discrepancies
  • Menu settings
  • Menu item visibility
  • Order state updates
  • Item image issues
  • Tax Rate on Item


What we can NOT troubleshoot/resolve:

  • Adding menu items to Canopy
  • Adding menu items to menu
  • Removing items from menus
  • Adding/removing items to display categories
  • Adding/removing items to reporting categories
  • Adding/removing items to modifiers categories
  • Updating item pricing
  • Location availability settings (should never be touched)
  • Item descriptions (remove/add/change)

Item Fields sent over by YellowDog:

  • name
  • uuid
  • external_ref_id
  • price
  • description
  • inventory_state
  • product_sku
  • display_name
  • modifier flag
  • combo_meal flag
  • taxable flag
  • tax_inclusive flag
  • venue_uuid
  • discountable flag
  • menu_uuids
  • item_category_uuids

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