Installing Scanners for Mobile Wallet

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Description: This article will cover how to turn on scanners for mobile wallets.


Loaded Tickets Installation

The loaded ticket function will work as a payment and can be turned on/off in the settings much

like cash. This will work with a scanner, or if no scanner is available, manually inputting the

ticket. It’s recommended to turn this function on at the Venue level so you don’t have to

manually turn it on for every location, which can use the function with or without a scanner (save

for kiosk mode which didn’t show the manual input. As of now only works with USB/RJ45



1. Settings

a. Go to Venue Settings, under Payments and find “allow ticket payments on POS” and set to “yes”


2. Scan Barcode

a. This can be found in the documentation that comes with the scanners. It will make some beeping noises and then refresh the VN POS app. You will need to have every scanner scan this barcode.

b. It is recommended to have a digital copy of the barcode, scan it while in the assembly phase.

3. Testing

a. Make sure you have a ticket with loaded value added to it. You should have multiple tickets to test full payment and split payment.

b. Split payment will only show up when you pay with a loaded ticket, it does not

work with the “split payments” option.

c. Split payment with a loaded ticket will only show up if you do not have enough value on the loaded ticket and you do not have another ticket.

d. You can scan multiple tickets if one does not pay the balance in full.

e. Manually enter the ticket number at least once per venue to make sure it works.

This will also need to be done for each device that does not have a scanner.

4. Troubleshooting

a. If you get an error while scanning, you can enter the ticket manually to see if you still get the same error.

b. If you get a 422 error, it is most likely an issue with the value or the date of the loaded ticket.

c. Contact support 

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