What is Submitted/Submission Failed?

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Description: This article will explain what a Submitted/Submission Failed order state indicates.


See full list and descriptions of POS & Kiosk card transaction order states HERE


What is Submitted/Submission Failed?

The ‘Submitted’ & ‘Submission Failed’ order states were introduced to the VenueNext Platform on May 24, 2023 (Release Notes here). These order states were introduced to include better logging of credit card orders that were previously causing large reporting variances. 


For credit card orders placed while the POS is online, as soon as a user activates the card reader on the POS, an order is created in the VenueNext platform in the ‘Submitted’ state. After a successful card transaction, the order will move to the configured “Skip POS Submission” state and the payment is settled. 


In the case of a mid-transaction interruption prior to capturing payment details (i.e. device reboot) the order will remain in the ‘Submitted’ state. This order state now gives us the ability to track the amount of orders that are being abandoned in the ‘Submitted’ state. 


In the case that the card reader returns an error after the card reader is activated by the user or the user returns to the previous screen after activating the card reader (before attempting payment), the ‘Submitted’ order will then go into the ‘Submission Failed’ state. The guest’s card has not been charged for these ‘Submission Failed’ transactions.


Both the ‘Submitted’ and ‘Submission Failed’ states should be omitted from reports for reconciliation purposes. 

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