How do I know if I have orders in the Approved Offline state?

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Description: This article will demonstrate how to identify any orders in the Approved Offline state.

  1. Log in to DataNow and go to the Device Monitoring tab.
  2. Once you are within the Device Monitoring tab, you will need to set a Calendar Date.
    • This will automatically prompt to ‘in the last 24 hours’, but you can run this filter within any timeframe. If this is the first time you are doing this, set this filter to 'is in the year : 2023'. This will search for any outstanding Approved Offline orders that were created in 2023.
  3. Once you set the date filter, run the report.
  4. This report will show the number of Approved Offline orders on a device that have been uploaded to the VenueNext platform but have yet to be synced to the processor (Shift4 or FreedomPay). 
    • You will see the Device ID along with the Revenue Center Location, Organization Name, # of Orders and Gross Sales that these orders total to.
    • If you see a device on this list that means you still have orders that need to sync to the processor on that device.
    • It is recommended to schedule either an export or alert of this report on a recurring nightly basis to check all devices for Approved Offline orders.
    • See the Article linked here to schedule an Approved Offline Orders Alert


Note: The Approved Offline count in the DataNow Devices report and in the POS orders list might not match. If orders were placed in SAF scenario (1) or paid offline with cash or custom tender and the device has not been brought back online, then the device in question was never brought back online after taking Approved Offline orders, our platform will not have any data for these orders, therefore they will not be on the DataNow report. However, they will appear in the POS orders list. 

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