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Description: This article will cover the Device Monitoring reports and what information they provide. Note the most up to date tips and additional information are provided next to each report.


The Device Monitoring reports consist of the following reports;

Approved Offline Orders

Provides insight into any devices that accepted orders while offline. These transactions are stored on the card reader until they sync to the gateway. These devices should automatically attempt to sync when they are idle and on a reliable network connection. These orders can be synced manually by tapping the “Sync” button in the point of sale application.

To help prevent Authorization Failed Orders, ensure that you sync Approve Offline Orders on a reliable network following the event. Waiting multiple days, or until after another event to sync the devices, increases the risk of transactions declining.


Time Elapsed Since Last Completed Order

Helps to identify any devices that have either gone unused, or have been offline for a prolonged period of time. These could be devices that are no longer receiving power, network connection, or no longer in use.


Submitted Orders

Tracks devices that may have interrupted transactions. An overage between the Gateway reports and DataNow typically means that a portion of Submitted Orders should be transitioned to Completed. Contact to perform a Submitted Orders analysis and state transition.

To help prevent this, never reboot a device during a transaction, and if operating in a poor network environment, ensure the device is set to “Offline Only” mode.


Completion Pending Orders 

Exclusive to Full Service or Event Catering POS, these orders have been closed out with a payment amount that is approved, but not yet settled. These orders will automatically batch at the business end time for the revenue center.


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