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Description: This article will guide you through the new Virtual Currency Report and common use cases.

Key KPI Metrics

The top two static tiles will give your key stakeholders a look into how much virtual currency is out for your organization and the amount of accounts with positive balances. These tiles will ignore whatever Calendar Date is set in the filter section.


New to our Loyalty reporting, is a field called Utilization Type. Here we bucket specific types of transactions into categories to see vital KPIs like Spent, Issued and Expired at a larger scale. 

Pending Expirations

See which Loaded Tickets or Virtual Currency that is set to expire with the Pending Expirations tile. 



Looking for a high-level overview of pending transfers or a detailed look at each? Navigate to the “Overall Virtual Transfer Status” tile for a big picture view, or scroll down to find the Transfers tile and see each transfer line by line. 

Scoping User Report

Need to zero in on a specific user? Filter on their Account ID, Email or Last Name and see all activity associated with the account, including pending expirations and transfers.


With the Admin/Bulk Transaction filters, you can target how much virtual currency has been awarded by specific users or campaigns.


Account Maintenance 

Having a case of déjà vu? The last tile in this report will display all accounts with duplicate Account IDs, if there are duplicate accounts please submit a support ticket to

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